Queen City Pool League




Ed Caswell (British),                                                   Rick Miller (Cercle 1)

Billy Gibson (Cercle 2),                                              Amanda Laverriere (Cercle 3),          

Eric Milanese (Davignon 2),                                       Paul Cere (Davignon 3),

  --  (Davignon 4)                                                        Steve Porter, Jim Kelly (Deerhead),  

Bob Tanner (Eastside),                                                George Carter  (My Friends),

Sue Novak (Secretary),                                               Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer),      

Ron Michaud (Pres)                                                     Eric Bourgeois (VP)


Absent: Pete Vallieres

Guests: Brad Blomberg


Location:  Cercle, 6:30 PM.


New Business:


1.      Treasurer’s update.   -  All but two teams have paid team dues.  All but two teams have paid player dues for those players that have actually played in the first half.  Sue Novak has been paid.  As of start of meeting the league has $3,460.10, an additional $1120 was collected tonight in player and team fees for a total of $4,580.10. 


Outstanding fees should be paid to Tom LeBlanc at the Cercle as soon as possible.  Leave with the bartender at the Cercle if Tom is not available.  Have them put in an envelope with your team name on it.  Note whether for team dues or player fees.


2.      Handicap changes – The following players will be watched and discussed at the next meeting --  Tom Leblanc (C3) - 4, Tod Oconnor (D3) – 4, Paul Cere (D3)- 6, Gadi Fantauzzi (ES) – 5, Ed Miller (C1) – 6, Barry Gallant (C1) – 4, Jim Jaskolka (C1) - 4,  Scott Gammel (MF) – 4. Don Demmingway (BA) – 4, Tim White (C3) - 3.


The following players handicaps were decreased -- Leo Garand (D2) to 4. Bob Cormier (DH) to 4, Mike Cormier (DH) to 4, Gary Gramatikas (DH) to 5, Jeff Houghton (DH) to 3, Lee French (DH) to 6, Arthur Tournidas (D3) to 3, Dan McCloskey (D3) to 3, Barry Gallant (C1) to 4, Ron Phelps (C1) to 3, Jim Floyd (BA) to 3. 


Jeff Pike (DH) raise to 7,  Frank Labrie (ES) raise to 5.


Rick Bergevin Jr. (D2) stays a 5, Jim Connolly (DH) stays 4, Tod Oconnor (D3) stays 4, Paul Cere (D3) stays 6, Ed Miller (C1) leave as 6 but watch,  Randy Miller (C1) leave as 6, Ricky Miller (C1) leave as 5,


3.      Clarification to the rule for post game table use. 




a.    Visiting teams shall have the courtesy of the use of the table upon which the match is to be played one-half hour before each match and shall also receive preferential courtesy in seating arrangements for the captain and co-captain. The home team will set aside a table for the captain/co-captain near the game table.


b.    Visiting teams shall have priority use of the table upon which the match was played after all matches end.  This means the visiting team’s players, that want to play after the match, will be placed on the top of the board for the match table.  Home team players will then be placed on the list.  Once a team loses their name goes to the bottom of the list if they still want to play.


c.    All visiting teams shall abide by the home team's club rules or house rules while on the premises of the home team. 


4.      FYI – A blank scoresheet is on the site – it is available to download and use.  It contains the 15 time outs on the bottom of the sheet.   It can be found under other information!


5.      Asking for a hit - clarification - the incoming player is the only person who can ask for a hit - not the captain and not the partner, and certainly not anyone else on the team!


Old Business:


1.      Time Outs – Some captains feel that the fifteen time-outs allowed seem to be too many but will not be changed at this time.


2.      Hall of Fame Committee – Paul Cere and Chuck Wiggin Jr. have discussed some names for the hall of fame, more information to the board will come at a later date.


3.      Banquet committee – the committee will consist of Tom Leblanc, Eric Bourgeois, Sue Novak, and maybe Kim Janelle.


Next meeting will be between week eight and nine of league play.  Since Tuesday is Halloween we will have the meeting on Wednesday, November 1st at Davignon at 6:30 PM.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.




Sue Novak