January 16, 2018


Captains/Co-captains attending: 

Amanda Laverriere, Vince Hurd (Cercle 3),                Paul Cere (Davignon 3),

Jim Kelly (Deerhead),                                                 George Tsoutsas (Eastside),    

George Carter (My Friends),                                        Sue Novak (Secretary),           

Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer),                                            Ron Michaud (Pres, Cercle 2)  

Ed Caswell (British),                                                   


Guests:  Lenny Pappas Jr., Ann Sacco, Pete Vallieres

Absent:  Eric Milanese (Davignon 2), Rick Miller (Cercle 1), Eric Bourgeois (V-Pres)


Location:  Cercle National Club


New Business:


1.      Treasurer’s report – There is currently $5270 in the checking account; $180 will be used to cover the player fees for second half for those players who were on the Cercle 2 team in the first half.  Second half player fees will be due by February 13th meeting.  The player fees for those who moved from the Davignon 4 team will be turned in by Pete Vallieres. Players not on any roster in the first half will still owe $20 for the second half.


2.      Snow cancellation – the following will be added to the current rule.


g.      For the safety of all players, the league president will also have the ability to cancel league play if the weather forecast is for severe weather and travel is being limited except in an emergency.  All future matches will be moved one week later, schedule will be updated and posted by league secretary.


3.       Unscrewing a cue before the final pocket is made will be considered a concession of the match.  It was approved and will be added to the table rules.


4.       Clarification.  If the team’s captain or co-captain is playing in a game, or not present, an alternate captain/co-captain may be named.  An alternate captain/co-captain can be named for the night, even if the roster captain/co-captain is present.  If an alternate captain/co-captain is named for the match/night, the roster named captain/co-captain cannot advice players during the match. The opposing team captain must be notified of the change. 


5.      Clarification - “Survivor/Ghost Player Rule” – A team short players must state early in the evening (by game 3) that they will be short players and will need to use a ghost player(s).  The opposing team will choose the ghost player and they must stay until the ghost match is played.  If the team captain sends any player(s) home before the ghost player is selected, the rule cannot be used and the team will forfeit that game.  If the selected ghost player needs to leave, then the opposing team must be notified.  They can approve the use of another ghost player or elect to take the forfeit.  If a roster player arrives before the ghost match is played they will play instead of the ghost player.  All roster players present must play prior to, or in the ghost match, a player playing a second time.


6.      Clarification - Time out rule – a player is at the table and his partner is talking to the captain, partner then goes to player on table and gives shot advice – this should be considered a time out.   After considerable discussion this was tabled until a future meeting.  It was felt that we should review other leagues rules on time outs before a final rule change is made. 


The current rule states:  A limit of 15 “time out” is allowed per team per night of league play.  “Time-outs” are those times when the captain and/or co-captain gives shot advice/instructions; it is not when the partner gives advice/instructions.  Any player giving instructions from the sidelines is also considered a “time out”.  A warning will be given on the first offence, on the second offence it will be counted as a “time out”. 


7.      Player accidentally stops cue ball from scratching.  Does incoming player play it where it lies, or does he have cue ball anywhere behind headstring.  This was tabled until rules on disturbing live balls can be reviewed.


8.      Davignon 4 – Has dropped from league play.  Most of players on the team have gone to other rosters.  Sue will fix schedule so that is shows there will be a Bye.  Many of their players paid for both halves of the league and Pete Vallieres will pay their fees to the treasurer.


9.       Breaking at start of game.  Rule was changed back in August; the web site did not get updated on that change.  It has since been corrected. The rule states:


In Playoff matches, one player from each team will lag for break.  The winning team will have the option of breaking in the first, third and fifth game or giving up the break.   The team breaking first will post first in matches during playoffs.

10.   Ron Michaud is stepping down as league president due to personal reasons.  He suggested that Lenny Pappas Jr. assume the duties for the remainder of the season as he has demonstrated strong leadership abilities and a consistent calm manner throughout the years.  He was approved by the board.  A new president will be voted on at the beginning of the league next year.

Old Business:

1.      Rating adjustments – Dennis Deenbow (DH) – dropped to 4, Denko Hanson (MF) – dropped to 3,


Arthur Tournidas (D3) – remains 3, Dick Dumas (C3) – remains 4, Steve Booth (C2) – remains 7,


Gary Lindbloom (C1) – raised to 4, George Carter (MF) – raised to 4, Bob Provencher (MF) – raised to 4, Ricky Miller (C1) – raised to 6.


Player on a watch list - Tod Oconnor (D3) – 4 (?Up), Scott Gammel (MF) – 4 (?Up), Ron Phelps (C1) – 3 (?Up), Ray Gendron (ES) – 5 (?Up), Jon Robillard (C2) – 5 (?Up), Rick Bergevin Jr. (D2) – 5 (?Up),

Tristen DeFrancesco (BA) – 4 (?Down), Wayne Reynolds (C3) – 6 (?Down), Dick Dumas (C3) – 4 (?Up)


2.      Banquet – update


Date - June 2, 2018 at Cercle National.

Menu – Eric Bourgeois will speak with Mike Delisle and Jeff Yule about catering again this year

3-rail challenge on both tables ($300/table) (same rules as last year).  Use numbered banquet ticket for player order, drawn from bucket. 

Gift cards ($400)                                                     


3.       Next meeting Feb 13th at Davignon club at 6:30 pm unless posted otherwise.