February 13, 2018


Captains/Co-captains attending: 

Rick Miller (Cercle 1),                                                 Jon Robillard (Cercle 2)         

Amanda Laverriere, Vince Hurd (Cercle 3),                Bryant Blanchette (Davignon 2),        

Paul Cere (Davignon 3),                                              Jim Kelly (Deerhead),            

Bob Tanner (Eastside),                                                George Carter (My Friends),   

Sue Novak (Secretary),                                                           

Lenny Pappas Jr. (Pres)                                                Eric Bourgeois (V-Pres)         



Absent:  Ed Caswell (British), Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer),


Location:  Cercle National Club


New Business:


1.      Treasurer’s report – Currently $5100.10 in account.  Collected $840 in player dues.  The following teams still owe money, British, Cercle 2 (50 remainder for first half, 20 for players who did not play in first half), Davignon 2, My Friends, and Pete Vallieres still owes $50 for players who moved to another team).  This should be paid by the end of the week.


2.      Players delaying game because they are on phone/text messaging during match.  Effective immediately - No player should be on the phone/text messaging during their match.  It will be the responsibility of the Captains to move the game along. 


3.      Warm up shots on Friday night. – In an effort to finish the matches earlier, effective immediately there will be no 6 warm-up shots/person prior to each game.  It was felt that since the visiting team gets the table one-half hour prior to the start of league play that the 6-shots/player was not necessary.  This will only affect the Friday league and will not affect tournament play.



Old Business:

1.       Clarification - Time out rule – a player is at the table and his partner is talking to the captain, partner then goes to player on table and gives shot advice – this should be considered a time out.   After considerable discussion this was again tabled until a future meeting.  Please bring your ideas to the next meeting to discuss how to clarify this issue.


The current rule states:  A limit of 15 “time out” is allowed per team per night of league play.  “Time-outs” are those times when the captain and/or co-captain gives shot advice/instructions; it is not when the partner gives advice/instructions.  Any player giving instructions from the sidelines is also considered a “time out”.  A warning will be given on the first offence, on the second office it will be counted as a “time out”.  


2.      During the game a player stops cue ball from scratching.  Does incoming player play it where it lies, or does he have cue ball anywhere behind headstring.  The rule for disturbing a live ball was discussed at length.  No clear consensus was achieved so the rule was tabled to another meeting.


DISTURBED BALLA disturbed ball is defined as any ball that is moved from its last resting position by the player's body, clothing or equipment, or contacted while still in motion.


1)     It is a foul if a player disturbs any ball on the table, while in the act of assuming, executing or abandoning the stroke with any part of the body or clothing or hand-bridge used to take the shot.  The opposing player has the choice of putting the disturbed ball back, as close to the original spot as possible, or leaving it where it lies.   The fouling player has no say in where the ball is replaced.  However, if the ball is placed grossly out of position, reasonable discussion may occur.


2)     It is a foul if the cue ball is intentionally or unintentionally disturbed (thought it was a scratch but it wasn’t).  It will be ball-in-hand behind the head-string for the opposing player.


3)     It is a foul if you disturb any ball that is in motion. 


4)     If the cue ball scratches and the shooter or teammate intentionally or unintentionally picks-up the one ball clearly over the foul line it is a foul.   The opposing player/team will have the option of placing the one ball on the spot or putting it back, as close as possible, to where the foul occurred. 




3.      Handicap Changes - The following players were raised.  Jon Robillard (C2) – 6, Dick Dumas (C3) – 5, Rick Bergevin Jr. (D2) – 6, Bob Cormier (DH) – 5,  Mike Cormier (DH) – 5, Eric Novak (C3) – 5, Bruce Letendre (DH) – 5, Mike Cullinane (C@) -  6.


The following were unchanged. Tod Oconnor (D3) – 4, Scott Gammel (MF) – 4, Ron Phelps (C1) – 3, Ray Gendron (ES) – 5, Arthur Tournidas (D3) – 3, Steve Booth (C2) – 7, Wayne Reynolds (C3) – 6, Don Perry (DH) – 4, Bob Lafavci (BA) – 4


The following player was decreased - Tristen DeFrancesco (BA) – 3


The following players were placed on the watch list – Jim Connolly (DH) – 4 (?down), Tom LeBlanc (C3) – 4 (?down),  Rick Campbell (C1) – 5 (?down), Roland Senechal (C1) – 4, Bruce Lafavci (BA) – 4.


4.       Banquet – update


Date - June 2, 2018 at Cercle National.

Menu – catering by Mike Delisle and Jeff Yule.

3-rail challenge on both tables ($300/table) (same rules as last year).  Use numbered banquet ticket for player order, drawn from bucket. 

Gift cards ($400)                                                     


5.      Next meeting March 13th at ???????  at 6:30 pm.