April 17, 2018


Captains/Co-captains attending:                                                                                                           

Jon Robillard (Cercle 2)                                                  John Laliberte (Davignon 2),

Jim Kelly (Deerhead),                                                     Amanda Laverriere (Cercle 3),    

Paul Cere (Davignon 3),                                                 George Tsoutsas (Eastside),     

George Carter (My Friends),                                           Rick Miller (Cercle 1),

Sue Novak (Secretary),                                                 Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer),                       

Lenny Pappas Jr. (Pres)                                                


Location:  Cercle National Club

Absent: Ed Caswell (British), Eric Bourgeois (V-Pres)      

New Business:


1.       Treasurer’s report – $6571.21 in account.  All teams and player dues have been paid.


2.       Payouts for banquet - $1600 1st, $800 2nd, $25 each 6-pocket run, $170 1st place for second half – Davignon 3, $600 for 3-rail challenge ($300/table) and $400 for gift cards will leave $2576.  These were all voted on at a previous meeting.  If we plan on leaving around $750 in the account at end of year, this will leave $1826 for the banquet itself.  Pay-outs next year will depend on number of teams.  We had additional money at end of year last year so we increased the payouts this year by giving money back to the players that won the half during league play.  This was done by not charging a player for second half if they were on the 1st half winning league play team.  Players on the 2nd half winning league play team got their $10 back.


3.       We need the revolving trophy from Davignon to add the new League Winner and to update any missing winnersResults posted on QCPL website..  Paul will see that it is brought to the banquet.


4.       Summer Singles League – There is an interest!  Please get your team together and bring to Thurrsday, May 10th meeting. Will be held at Cercle National at 6:30 PM.  The rules last year were

a.       5-8 players per team,

b.       Thursday night matches, Play starts at 6:30 pm.

c.       15 weeks before playoffs, (depending on number of teams)

d.       individual and team stats maintained and reported on web site,

e.       must play 1/3 +1 of matches for playoffs and payouts (if 15 weeks = 6 games),

f.        $25 per team per night ($5 each player who played) collected and turned in to QCPL treasurer every night of league play – if playing at Cercle the following week it can be turned in at that time,

g.       Friday night handicaps will be used for players.  Posted handicap for the night not to exceed 27 per team,

h.       Sue was paid $125 last year to maintain stats

i.         All remaining fees paid out at end of session, highest % pockets made, most 3, 4, 5 and 6 pocket runs, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams – amounts to be determined at meetings.

j.         Can only collect one payout.  If tie then person with higher % of pockets made will get payout.

k.       First meeting week before league starts, then meeting day will be selected.  A second meeting will be needed to determine payout amounts and any handicap changes.

l.         Start date May 17th.




Old Business:


1.       Need names from each team for Team MVP. This is a player for each team who was the teams most valuable player.  This can be the person you counted on to be there every week, was the person you could count on to get you pockets or just the person you could count on not to gripe or complain.  Each team sets their own criteria and turns in the name to Sue as soon as possible so that certificates can be made.


2.       Handicap Changes – It was vote to make these changes effective for the playoffs.  Jim Connolly (DH) – 3 (down), Rick Campbell (C1) – 5 (no change),  Roland Senechal (C1) – 4 (no change), Bruce Lafavci (BA) – 4 (no change), Kyle Sariceno (D3) – 6 (up), Karl Savage (DH) – 6 (up), Mike Galinat Jr. (C2) – 5 (up).


3.       Banquet Tickets - Green tickets are numbered and are player tickets; they are $10 refundable at the banquet.  Red tickets are guest tickets; they are $15 and are non-refundable.  Print name on both halves of the ticket.  One half turned in to Sue, player/guest gets second half.  Return money and tickets by May 1st.  We will need a count to Jeff Yule and Mike Delisle  no later than May 19th.  Sue will be working at the Cercle on Saturday evening May 5th and May 19th.  If you need tickets contact Sue.  Any money and tickets available turn in to Sue, as soon as possible.


4.        Banquet – update


Date - June 9, 2018 at Cercle National.  2PM – close.

Music/Karaoke – we will have music available, karaoke will be available.

Menu – catering by Mike Delisle and Jeff Yule.  Menu similar to last year.

3-rail challenge on both tables ($300/table), player order - drawn from bucket. 

Gift cards ($400) – 7 restaurants, DD cards, gas cards


5.       Rookie of the year information has been given to Eric Hudson for the Trophy.             


Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.




Sue Novak