Summer Singles League


April 25, 2017



Attending:  Ron Michaud (QCPL president), Bill Gibson, Rick Campbell, Rich Rice, Keith Laliberte, Dan Simoneau, Josh Geoffroy, Nicole Richards, Paul Trajlinek, Sue Novak (QCPL secretary).


Location:  Cercle at 7PM


The goal of the summer singles league is to have fun playing Around-the-World.


Although not officially part of the QCPL we will be using the QCPL general rules for Around-the-World.  It is the hope that with enough interest we can add the summer singles league to the QCPL umbrella in the future.  Some changes listed below will apply to accommodate the Summer Singles League.


Several issues were discussed and voted on by those attending.  These issues included, what night to play, a start time, player handicap, max team total posting to determine bonus points, coaching players, calling fouls, reporting scores, breaking at start of match, posting matches, racking the balls, forfeiting matches, collecting dues and next meeting date.



General Rule Changes/Additions:


1.        Match Night and Start Time - The matches will be played on Thursday evenings.  Initially start time will be 7 PM but the goal is to actually start earlier.  It is hoped that we can begin league play at 6 PM on Thursdays. In the initial weeks of play will start at 7 PM but if both teams are ready to start earlier they can begin the night’s matches as early at 6 PM.  Captains should talk to their players to get consensus on starting at 6PM. First Night of league play will be May 4th.  Schedule to be posted by May 2nd  we are waiting on confirmation of one team.


2.        Max Team Posting and Bonus Points – Each player will use their handicap from the Friday night league.  A maximum team posting for each night of play will be 27.  This means that if you play three 7-handicap players the most that can be posted in the last two matches is 6 points.  Player handicaps will range from 3-7.  Initially we will use a 75% of the difference for bonus points.  However, at the meeting between week 4 and 5 of the league this may be adjusted and will be retroactive to the first four weeks of play.


3.        Final Rosters – Each roster will have between 5 and 8 players.  Final rosters will be turned on at the meeting between week 4 and 5.


4.        Breaking to start match - Visiting team will break and post player name first in matches 1, 3 and 5, the home team will post first and break in matches 2 and 4.  The player breaking will rack their own balls. During play offs teams will lag for first break/posting in games 1, 3 and 5; the team winning the lag can choose to give up the break/first posting at the start of the match.


5.        Forfeits – At this time we will not have a rule as to the number of games that can be forfeited.  However this may change in the future. 


6.        Coaching Players (“Time out”) – Each team will be allowed a maximum of seven (7) “time outs” per five matches.  The player or captain/co-captain can call the time out.  If a captain/co-captain calls a time out the player can waive it off.  If a member of the team yells out a shot it will count as a “time out”, if no time outs remain it will be a foul and the player at the table forfeits their turn.


7.        Calling a Foul – any player on the team can call a foul.


8.        Ghost players – there will be no “ghost player”.  If you cannot post a player due to either not having enough players or exceeding the 27 point maximum team posting, the game will be a forfeit.


9.        Table Use - If two tables are available on site, both tables can be used at any time.  You do not need to wait until match three.


10.     Reporting Results – A clear picture of the entire score sheet will be sent via text message to Sue Novak at 315-3921 at the end of each night of league play.  She will post results on the web site as soon as possible but before the next night of play.


11.     Collecting Dues – the league will be funded by the players and all funds will be paid back to the teams/players as prize money.  Money will be paid to the QCPL treasurer (Tom LeBlanc at the Cercle) as a bank account has been established.   However, NO funds will be retained by the QCPL.  Players will pay $5 each night they play ($25/team).  This will be collected at the time of play.  Captains can turn in dues weekly  at the Cercle in a sealed envelope with the team’s names, Attention Tom LeBlanc, but no later than the meeting after weeks 4, 8 and before the play-offs .


12.     Play-offs – A player must have played at least 6 matches to be eligible for the playoffs.  The teams finishing 1st – 3rd plus a wild card, from the remaining teams, will play in the playoffs.  The wild card will be drawn at the Cercle National and each team eligible for the wild card must have a representative at the draw.  If not represented at the draw they will forfeit their chance to be the wild card.  Draw will occur between the last week of league play and before play-offs begin.  The date to be announced. 


Next meeting – May 30th at Cercle National at 7 PM.




Sue Novak

QCPL Secretary