Summer Singles League


May 10, 2018


Attending: Rich Rice (C2), Bill Gibson (C1), Rick Campbell (D1), John Laliberte (D1), Dan Simoneau (ES), Tom Leblanc (Tres), Sue Novak (sec).


Location: Cercle at 6:30 PM


New Business:

1.      After considerable discussion it was agreed that No change will be made to the maximum handicap posting of 27. If 27 points will be exceeded in the 5th match post, the match will be a 6-0 forfeit. Only one team may have an issue with posting of the maximum number of points. They agreed that they would make every effort to post correctly but if they were not able to based on the players present on any given night then they would take the 6-0 forfeit for the 5th match.


2.      Rules and Guidelines for the previous year were reviewed. Discussion on changes resulted in the only change made was to allow 10 time-outs per night and the number of matches needed for playoffs and payouts was decreased because fewer matches will be played.


3.      Rules

a.      Use the same rules as the QCPL official rules. Unless otherwise noted here.

b.      Cue-ball fouls only, including playoffs.

c.       Lag for each break

d.      Coin toss for determining who will post the first player - we will alternate from there

e.      Any ball moved by a player that was not part of the legal shot; the opponent has the choice of putting it back or keeping it where it is including the cue-ball

f.        4 teams in playoff (1st year) determine by number of teams in league DISCUSSED AT NEXT MEETING.

g.      Stats for individuals and teams will be posted on web site.

h.      Ten time-outs per night.

i.        To qualify for prize pay-outs you must play a minimum of 5 matches.

j.        To play in the playoffs you must have played at least 4 matches (1/3).


4.      Unfortunately we will only have 4 teams this year. Since the program needs to be adjusted to accommodate a 4 team schedule we will be staring a week later than anticipated. League will start on May 24th instead of May 17th. Sue will post the schedule and rosters as soon as possible. The week later start will also mean we start after the Friday league finals conclude and will be able to conclude summer league playoffs before the Friday league starts.


5.      Next meeting will be between weeks 6 and 7. At that time we will discuss payouts.


6.      Number of teams in the playoffs will be determined at next meeting.




Sue Novak