Summer Singles League


May 23, 2017



Attending:  Bill Gibson (C1), Rick Campbell (C3), Mike Nuenfedlt (C2), Dan Simoneau (A), Sue Novak (QCPL secretary).


Absent:  Keith Laliberte (MF), Ron Michaud (QCPL Pres)


Location:  Cercle at 7PM


Old Business:


1.        Start Time – Start time will be at 6:30 beginning May 25th.


2.        Coaching Players (“Time out”) – For your own benefit, mark the time outs used on the score sheet.  The seven time outs seems to be appropriate.  No one has used all seven in a night.  I created a new scoresheet for the singles league and will make available on web site.


3.        Reporting Results – Everyone is doing a great job of recording the information needed and sending results at the end of play each night.  Make sure your picture is of the entire score sheet and not blurry.


4.        League Accounting & Collecting Fees – Everyone seems to be turning in weekly fees in a timely manner.  Please keep up the good work.


5.        Handicap Changes – Is anyone’s handicap grossly off?  The only change that was needed was Vince Hurd should be raised to a 6.   It was felt we needed a few more weeks to determine whether Mike Nuenfedlt and Rick Campbell needed adjusting.


New Business:


1.    Player stats – I showed an example of the player stats collected.  It was recommended that we add a column for pockets against and % of pockets against.  So these will be added to the stats. 


2.    How does everyone feel the summer singles league is going so far?  Everyone feels that the league is going well.  Everyone is having fun and playing well, the handicap seems to be working well, scores are being sent in by all the captains, and


3.    Payout Suggestion. – I put together a suggested payout paying out the entire purse.  A couple of changes were made which leaves a small amount to be used for a rotating trophy and misc expenses.  We will vote on a final payout later in the league.  A player can only collect one prize and they must have played at least six matches in order to be eligible for a payout.


4.    Playoffs – We had originally said we would have four teams in the playoffs.  It was suggested that, since we only have 5 teams that we guarantee first and second place are in the playoffs and then we draw from the remaining teams for the wildcard.  The first week would be a bye for the top finishing team with 2nd and the wild card playing.  To get the wild card draw, each team would get a number of chances based on where they finished after the 15 weeks.  For example 3rd would get 5 chances, 4th – 3 chances and 5th – 1 chance.  All nine chances would be put in a hat and the wildcard position drawn.  It was suggested that we table this until after the captains can talk with their players and get suggestions from them.


Next meeting – pending date - many of the players will be in Vegas between week 8 and 9.  Time will be at 6:30 pm.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45.




Sue Novak

QCPL Secretary