Summer Singles League


June 27, 2017


Attending:  Bill Gibson (C1), Rich RIce (C2), Dan Simoneau (A), Keith Laliberte (MF), Ron Michaud (QCPL Pres), Sue Novak (QCPL secretary), Tom LeBlanc (QCPL treasurer).


Absent:  Rick Campbell (C3)


Location:  Cercle at 6 PM


Old Business:


1.        League Accounting & Collecting Fees – Two teams will be turning in their dues for last week on Thursday.  Tom stated that the Summer Singles League currently has $750 in the safe.  Please keep up the good work submitting fees in a timely manner.


2.        Handicap Changes - Two handicaps were adjusted.  Ryan Boisvert was dropped to a 4 and Rick Campbell was raised to a 5.  These changes only affect future matches.


New Business:


1.    Player stats – Player states for the first 8 weeks of play are available.  I have posted them on the site for everyone to see.  Remember in order to play in playoffs at least 6 matches must be played during the league.  Please keep this in mind.    


2.    Pay-out Suggestion – It was voted to pay $125 to Sue Novak for the stats work performed for the summer league.  (Thank you!)  The 1st place team will receive $600, 2nd $400, 3rd $150.  Player having the highest % of pockets made will receive $50, the most 6-pocket runs $75, the most 5-pocket runs $50, the most 4-pocket runs $25, and the most 3-pocket runs $25.  A player can only receive one pay-out prize even if they qualify for more than one and they must have played at least 6 matches to be eligible for a pay-out.


3.    Playoffs – The format for future summer league play-offs was discussed and a vote was taken.  It was decided that the top three teams would make the play-offs and of the remaining teams a “wildcard” would be drawn.   Every remaining team would have an equal opportunity to get the “wildcard”.  This will be drawn at the final meeting before the playoffs. 


Next meeting – will be held on August 15, 2017 at 6 PM at the Cercle.  The “wildcard” team will be drawn.  Everyone is invited to attend the drawing. 




Sue Novak