Queen City Pool League




Ed Caswell (British),                                                   Rick Miller, Jim Rose (Cercle 1)

Billy Gibson, (Cercle 2),                                             Amanda Laverriere, (Cercle 3),         

Bryant Blanchette (Davignon 2),                                Paul Cere (Davignon 3),        

Steve Porter, (Deerhead),                                           Bob Tanner, (Eastside),          

George Carter (My Friends),                                       Sue Novak (Secretary),          

Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer),                                           Ron Michaud (Pres)     


Guests:  Ron Phelps, Eric Novak.   Any player is invited to attend board meetings and offer suggestions to improve the league.  They will be involved in the discussions and can offer opinions.  However, they will not be allowed to vote or disrupt the meeting.  Please feel free to attend, this is your league too! 


Absent: Eric Bourgeois (VP)


Location:  Davignon, 6 PM.


New Business:


1.      Tournament Locations - Cercle and Eastside hosted last year.  British American and My Friends would technically be eligible to host the singles but don’t meet the parking or food service needs.  Deerhead and Davignon would be eligible this year.  Deerhead will host the Singles - dates are January 6th – 28th, Davignon will host the Doubles, dates are February 17th – March 11th.


2.      Handicap changes – Billy Gibson requested that Ray Olivier (C2) be lowered to 4 – approved


Rate:   Dennis Deenbow (DH) - 5         Flo Dufield (C3) - 3                Dick Dumas (C3) - 4

            Tom Hanley Jr (C1) - 4              Ron Phelps (C1) - 4                Mike Galinat Sr. (C3) - 4 Hank Parker (C1) - 4                                       Don Brown (MF) - 4               Scott Gammel (MF) - 4 Jody Gorton (MF) – 3                                     Crystal Hamel (MF) – 3          Brett Magnuson (MF) - 6


Changes made during the singles league were:  Vince Hurd - 6, Rick Campbell – 5, Ryan Boisvert - 4


Suggested changes from the singles league:  Raise Nicki Richard to 4 and Steve Ladew to 5 – approved.


Decrease George Carter, Billy Sconsa, Rick Labrie, Josh Turransky and Bob Provencher to 3 – all approved.  Tom Leblanc - decrese to 3 – he will remain a 4, however, we will keep an eye on this rating.


Any other ratings changes?  Juan Arce was raise to a 5 – approved.


3.      “Survivor/Ghost Player Rule” – We used this rule last year at the end of the season when teams were struggling to get 10 players each week.  We elected to continue with the ghost player (player plays twice), where a team must state early in the evening (by game 3) that they will be short players and will need to use a ghost player.  The opposing team will choose the ghost player and they must stay until the ghost match is played.  If the team captain sends players home before the ghost player is selected, the rule cannot be used and the team will forfeit that game.  If a player needs to leave, then the opposing team should be notified, they can approve the use of a ghost match and another player or elect to take the forfeit.


4.      Lagging for breaks in Play-offs - lagging for break or flip of coin.  Neither team wants to win lag so they both try to lose.  Current rule says team that wins the lag breaks in games 1, 3 & 5 – revise rule to say team wins the lag has option to break or to give the break away in games 1, 3 & 5.  Voted to approve the revision.


Old Business:


1.      2017-2018 League set up – British American, Cercle1, Cercle 2, Cercle 3, Davignon 2, Davignon 3, Deerhead, Eastside, and My Friends, all have confirmed teams. Davignon 4 was still trying to put together their team.  It was agreed that we would play each team 3 times, one half with 14 weeks, the other with 13 weeks!  It was understood that some teams may get 2 byes in a half with nine teams but everyone felt that this was acceptable as it would even out by the end of the season.  It was hoped that we would still get a Davignon 4 team and the bye issue would not come into play.  Sue got a call after the meeting from Pete Vallieres stating that there would not be a Davignon 4.


I will be placing the available players (played last year who are not on any roster), on the roster in an available section.  It will be the team captain’s responsibility to ask players from this list if they want to be play for their team.


2.      Captains and Co-captains.  If the captain/co-captain cannot attend a meeting due to prior commitments they should be sending a representative from the team for the meetings.  We have had meeting in the past where we did not have enough captains to hold a vote, this should not happen and there is a rule that states that a captain cannot miss more than three meetings during the year.


Captains/co-captains need to collect player fees and pay to the treasurer in a timely manner.  It was suggested that it should be collected and paid by the fourth week of each half.  Fee can be paid for the entire year at any time.  If the captain chooses, they can ask their players to pay for the whole year and pay all at once.  Every player on the roster is to pay the $10/half – this is for the banquet and may go towards prize fund if any money left after banquet expenses are paid.


3.      Team Fees are to be paid by the hosting club and will remain at $200 per team.  This should also be paid to the treasurer by the fourth week of league play. 


4.      Time Outs – “Time-outs” are those times when the captain and/or co-captain gives shot advice/instructions; it is not when the partner gives advice/instructions.  A player giving instructions from the sidelines is also considered a “time out”.  We have rules in place to prevent this but we also understand that it still happens on occasion.  The consequence for players giving instruction is a warning on the first offense and loss of turn for additional offenses. 


After much discussion it was agreed that we will start with 15 time outs for the night.  Since limiting the “time outs” is a new concept, be sure to keep track of the “time outs” used on the scoresheet,  warn the opposing captain when they are approaching the 15 time out maximum.  If they go over the 15 just let them know they are out of “time outs”.  We will discuss consequences of exceeding the limit at a future meeting.


5.      Hall of Fame Committee – Paul Cere is the committee chairman.  Sue Novak, Eric Bourgeois and Chuck Wiggin Jr. are also on the committee.  Sue handed out a questionnaire that can be given to players for ideas for inductees into the hall of fame (if you need more let me know).  The committee will take these nominations into consideration when making their decisions.   


6.      Banquet committee – we need volunteers, ask your players to become involved. This is their league as well.  Kim Janelle has done a great job with the banquet the past two years, but she would like help.


7.      Handicap Committee – The committee consists of Steve Porter, Eric Bourgeois, Ron Michaud, Dan Simoneau and Eric Milanese.  The handicap committed did an excellent job in setting up initial handicaps and the captains felt a committee was not still needed.  It was felt that we should make changes to handicaps at the captains meeting as it seems to be working well.    Bring your suggestion for changes and your reasons behind your request to the meetings.  If you send Sue Novak the names of the players who need changing, she will add them to the agenda.


Next meeting will be between week four and five of league play.  Final rosters will be due and handicap changes will be made.  Team money and player money will be due.  Meeting will be October 3rd at 6:30 pm at the Cercle.


Meeting adjourned at 7 PM.




Sue Novak