Queen City Pool League




Invited:  Billy Gibson (Cercle 2), Amanda Laverriere, (Cercle 3), Paul Cere (Davignon 3), Bob Provencher (My Friends), Dan Simoneau (Rimmon), Kim Janelle and Bob Tanner, (Eastside), Steve Porter (Deerhead), Eric Bourgeois (VP), Sue Novak (secretary), Tom LeBlanc (treasurer), Ron Michaud (Pres),


Absent: Pete Vallieres (Davignon 4), Eric Milanese (Davignon 2), Ed Caswell (British), Tony Cote (Workmens)


Guests:  Any player is invited to attend meetings and offer suggestions to improve the league.  They will be involved in the discussions and can offer opinions however, they will not be allowed to vote.  Please feel free to attend meetings.


Location:  Cercle National, 7PM


New Business:


1.     2017-2018 League set up – How many teams?  We don’t know if Workmen’s is having a team (Ron to confirm).  Davignon 2 and 4 did not attend meeting will they have teams (Sue to confirm)?  We have heard that the Fish will be having a team (Eric Bourgeois to confirm) and there may be a Cercle 1 team (Ron to confirm). 


British American, Cercle 2, Cercle 3, Davignon 2, Davignon 3, Deerhead, Eastside, My Friends, and Rimmon, all have confirmed teams. If Fish, Cercle 1, Davignon 4, and Workmen’s, have teams we will have 13 teams this year.


2.     Treasurer report – Even though we paid out for each six pocket run last year we still have $1909.94 in the bank; we added nearly $1100 to the account.  Let’s get some ideas for additional awards for individual players.  Get your players involved and ask for award suggestions.  We can discuss their ideas at a future meeting.  We want to keep this balance low but still provide for enough funds for unexpected expenses.


3.     Captains and Co-captains.  We need captains and/or co-captains that are willing to attend the meetings.  If the captain/co-captain cannot attend a meeting due to prior commitments they should be sending a representative from the team for the meetings.  We have had meetings in the past were we have not had enough attendance to hold a binding vote.


We also need captains/co-captains willing to make sure player fees are paid to the treasurer in a timely manner.  The past two years we have had to chase down captains for their player fees.  The $10/half or $20/year goes to the banquet fund.  It should be collected and paid to the treasurer by the fourth week of each half.


4.     Team Fees are to be paid by the hosting club and will remain at $200 per team.  This should also be paid to the treasurer by the fourth week of league play.  The team fees go to the prize fund!


5.     Summer League Update – The summer league was a success.  We had 5 teams and 38 active players.  We collected some individual stats which we hope to use in the future for rating players.  The board voted to sanction the summer league and include as part of the QCPL.  This means that funds will be deposited in the same bank account but separate accounting will be maintained for each league.


6.     Change League Format - It was brought to the table to change the Friday format from doubles to singles.  The pros would be more teams in the league (limit number of players per team to 8), easier to collect stats that would help in handicapping players and provide the potential for shorter matches.  The cons would be decreased revenue to the clubs, the chance of not having enough clubs available for the number of potential teams, decrease in the camaraderie which occurs on the Friday night teams.  After minimal discussion this idea was ruled out!




7.     Time Outs – a considerable amount of discussion occurred regarding the need for limiting time outs (Captain/Co-Captain advice) during league/playoff play.  Time outs are those times when the captain and/or co-captain gives shot advice/instructions; it is not when the partner gives advice/instructions.  A player giving instructions from the sidelines is also considered a time out instruction.  We have rules in place to prevent this but we also understand that it still happens on occasion.  The consequence for players giving instruction is a warning on the first offense and loss of turn for additional offenses. 


The summer league limited the number of time outs used each week to 7 per night of play.  We only had a couple of matches that used all their time outs.  It was suggested that we limit the number of time outs, this was approved but it was felt that 10 time outs was too few, 25 too many.  It was suggested that we start with 20 time outs per Friday night and monitor how many are used.  If we find the average is 15 then we decrease the number allowed.  A final decision was tabled until the next meeting. 


Old Business:


1.     Banquet – The 3-rail challenge a huge success, suggested we use two tables next year.  Weather was beautiful and the meal was excellent; Mike Delisle and Jeff Yule did a wonderful job.  $400 given out in gift cards.  Karaoke was well received. 


2.     Hall of Fame Committee – Paul Cere is the committee chairman.  Sue Novak, Eric Bourgeois and Chuck Wiggin Jr. are also on the committee.  Sue handed out a questionnaire that can be given to players for ideas for inductees into the hall of fame (if you need more let me know).  The committee will take these nominations into consideration when making their decisions.   


3.     Banquet committee – we need volunteers, ask your players to become involved. This is their league as well. 


4.     Handicap Committee – We used a player stats sheet in the summer singles league to see if this would help in determining handicaps.  Does anyone else have any ideas for determining handicaps?  The committee consists of Steve Porter, Eric Bourgeois, Ron Michaud, and Eric Milanese.


5.     When does the league start – It was decided to postpone setting an exact start date until the next meeting.  However we will take the Friday after Thanksgiving off.  The start date will either be September 8th or 15th, depending on the number of teams.


Next meeting will be August 29, 2017 at the Davignon club at 6:00 PM.  We will discuss exact start date, make decision on number of time outs and discuss locations for singles and doubles tournaments. 


Cercle and Eastside hosted last year.  British, Rimmon, and My Friends would all technically be eligible to host the singles but don’t meet the parking or food service needs.  Workmen’s went to the bottom of the rotation by refusing doubles last year.  Deerhead and Davignon would be eligible this year. Based on prior tournament location history, the following is suggested, Deerhead – Singles, Davignon – Doubles, What other clubs are interested in hosting?




Sue Novak